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graphic designer

A person who designs advertisements, magazines, and books by combining pictures and words.

Traduction : graphiste


head of department

A person in charge of  one of the sections of an organization such as a government, business, or university. 

Traduction : chef de service 

Human resources director

The person in charge of the management of the workforce of an organization.

Traduction Directeur des ressources humaines. 



An apprentice student or a recent graduate  who is being given practical training under supervision.

Traduction : stagiaire.

IT technician

A person who diagnoses, repairs and maintains hardware and software components to ensure the smooth running of computer systems

Traduction : informaticien


job seeker

An unemployed person who is trying to get a job.

Traduction : un demandeur d'emploi



The people who control and organize a business.

Traduction : la direction 



A person who sells things, either in a shop or directly to customers on behalf of a company.

Traduction : commercial

security guard

Someone whose job is to protect a building or to collect and deliver large amounts of money.

Traduction : agent de sécurité 



A person who is employed by an agency that sends them to work in different offices for short periods of time, for example to replace someone who is ill or on holiday.

traduction : un intérimaire

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